Homeowner Mistakes (infographic)

This wonderful infographic will take you through some of the most common homeowner mistakes, these include that you should not rush your interior decorating after buying your first home. There is no need to rush when it comes to decorating, as your home is going to be somewhere you will be living a majority of your life. Please take a look at the infographic for some more great examples of typical homeowner mistakes.




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Home improvements that give the greatest investment

This brilliant infographic will take you through the best home improvements you can make to your home that give the best investment. For example remodeling your kitchen, as the heart of your home, your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. Something small like a fresh coat of paint or a few appliance upgrades would make a massive difference. Another improvement you could make is double glazing windows. Home buyers of today love the idea of living in an energy efficient home, so they would obviously welcome the idea of having double glazing windows.




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Top 8 DIY tips to bring your room to life

This brilliant infographic will take you through some of the best ways you can improve the look of your room, with just a few little DIY hacks that any landlord would love. For example, you could build a custom shelving unit, this wonderful idea would work well in both traditional and modern properties. Another example would be to build furniture, this wouldn’t only give you a sense of accomplishment but it will also save you a lot of money.




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Superhero Hideouts (infographic)

This wonderful infographic will take you through your favorite superheroes hideouts, how much they would be in today’s market and a house party rating out of 10. Hideouts such as the Baxter Building, Stark Tower and the fortress of solitude. Anyone would be very interested in buying any one of these properties purely based on the size of the building and how cool it would be to own a property with the hi-tech features as all of these.




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By banning letting fees, has the Chancellor really done tenants a favor?

Since Phillip Hammond delivered his statement that lettings fees will be banned, numerous articles have emerged of people complaining about the service received from an agency, or paying a letting fee which they believe to be ‘extortionate’.


It appears that the Chancellor statement is welcomed amongst most, but why wouldn’t it be? Any news would be welcomed when a service that costs money is now free.


Other Estate Agents are calling this a Draconian measure, and to put it simply, it appears so.


Many think that Estate Agents are concerned for themselves, with shareholdings for a number of reputable Agency plummeting, however, this is unlikely to be the case. Yes, some Agents businesses may involve charging excessive fees to tenants, but we at Harlands and many other agents charge a small fee to cover the administration cost only. Certainly, the latest news from the Chancellor is not welcomed by many agents, but not due to the effect that it may have on themselves, rather to the effect that it will have on the market. The fees will still be paid, albeit from the Landlord.


No doubt this will lead to higher rents, and although many say that Landlords are in a position to ‘shop around’, many landlords have used a particularly trusted agent for a long period of time, and therefore they would not want to any longer use them simply due to an extra administration fee. Realistically, they would simply ask the agent to spread the cost with the rent.


How about service? Regardless of what many might say, if you pay for a service, then you should receive what you pay for. The letting process involves but not limited to, undertaking an inventory, drafting / negotiating the tenancy agreement, and registering the deposit, all of which benefit both the Landlord and the Tenant and so the cost should be spread.


There is a number of other costs in other sectors that if reduced, would have been influential towards an average person’s household costs, such as energy costs. Instead, it appears renter’s fee has been targeted, a cost which would generally occur every 3-4 years, if that.


There is a number of alternatives the Chancellor could have proposed, an example being a simple cap.


Setting an upper limit, would not only ensure that Estate Agents do not charge excessive fees, it would also ensure that renters are able to budget when moving to their new home. It would ensure that the tenant also receives the same professionalism, a paying client would expect. It would certainly solve any problems that led to the chancellor making such a statement.


Mahfuz Ahmed
Branch Manager

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